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  (Daddy, with two of his girls.) 

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     (Ailene, my other pretty daughter.)    

Welcome to my chess site!

HI!!! My name is  A.J. Goldsby I

I am a  (U.S. Chess Federation)   ORIGINAL LIFE-Master

I live in Pensacola, FL. (U.S.A.)  

I am always looking for fresh fields to conquer ... and more importantly!!  ...  MORE WEB SPACE!!!!!!! 


Thus  ...  here I am. 












Latest Changes to this site!! 

Saturday;  August 21st, 2004:
This site was created.  

Friday; August 27th, 2004.  
Several new pages added. 

Monday; August 08, 2005: 
A picture of my daughter Ailene was added. (By request, she felt it was not fair that both of her sisters were here  ... and she had been left out!) 


(Stand by for more updates.)  

This will be my chess page here for this domain.

Got any ideas of what you would like to see here?


I am already internationally known for my chess web sites. My web pages have been translated into many different languages. One of my sites won the award for the best private chess web site from the French Chess Federation for three years running!! My big Geo-Cities web site, (close to 1000 pages now); won the award for best general (chess) web site for 2004 - from the CHESS JOURNALISTS OF AMERICA!!!!! 

Categories / Items of Special Interest

Stay tuned as I tune up for another big chess web site!!!

Send me an e-mail ... just to say hi! (Or say what ever you want.) 

  GM R. Kasimdzhanov won the 2004 FIDE World Championships.  (kasim-adams02.jpg, 38 KB)

GM R. Kasimdzhanov plays British GM Michael Adams for the World Crown. (Tripoli, Libya; 2004.) 

Topalov_at_01-06-ceremony.jpg, 37 KB

Topalov_with-CO.jpg, 08 KB

Top - The Bulgarian GM is honored at a huge gala ... in his honor. 

Immediately above - Topalov proudly displays his well-deserved award. 

I want you to know that I listen to you!!!

I have jillions of ideas about chess. Be sure to tell me what YOU would like to see here!! Do you like annotated games? I can do that!! Do you like chess puzzles? I can do that!!! Do you like the old games and tournaments from the distant past? I have HUNDREDS of chess books ... so ... I CAN DO THAT!!!!! 


Come on! Surely you have a favorite player? A favorite opening? A "greatest, all-time" chess tournament?  Some specific area of chess that intrigues you the most?  What gets your motor running? Tell me what you want to see! Remember  ...  I can do  that!!!  





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I just love a really cool picture!!!  

A nice picture of a possible skyline when NYC construction is finished.


  Send me your picture!!!  


  A nice little animated gif.  (Chess.gif, 15 KB)

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